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E/One Ranked in Top Echelon of U.S. Manufacturing

EMvoy, a Chicago-based industry research group, recently listed E/One among the highest-ranked manufacturers in a recent study that looked at states’ manufacturing competitiveness.  New York, E/One’s home base, ranked 9 th overall in the U.S.  New York’s high ranking is based on the national and global competitive nature of its companies, not on its business climate.  “There is a sort of Darwinistic aspect to this,” said Craig Lindy, chief executive officer of eMvoy, which compiled data from manufacturers across the country. From 1990 to 2005, the number of manufacturing jobs in New York actually fell by 41 percent, while nationally they were down 20 percent.

According to their website, eMvoy evaluated 100,000 U.S. manufacturers over a one-year period by assessing very large, representative and geographically diverse data sets. The evaluated companies were required to have a functional website and a Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code identifying them as a manufacturer with a substantial U.S. presence.

Data was compiled from multiple sources and specific variables were identified to measure and calculate a company's attributes relating to reliability, quality and competitiveness. The results were derived from cumulative scoring of multiple factors, each having an applied qualitative weight. Editorially Driven Indexing Spiders (EDIS) roamed the worldwide web collecting massive amounts of corporate data.

Third-party sources were also utilized. For example, databases were acquired by eMvoy that contained the lists of U.S. manufacturers that are registered to the ISO 9000-type standards. Other data was utilized from industry-specific, independent product testing and certification authorities such as NSF International.  Algorithms were applied to normalize the combined scores. Companies were ranked based on their final score.  And at the end of the day, E/One earned the highest rating of five gears! According to E/One president, Philip Welsh, “that (E/One) dog can hunt!”