Low Pressure Sewer Systems, Septic Tanks & Gravity Sewer Systems

Septic tanks are a common method of residential sanitary waste disposal, but they are a temporary solution that comes at a high cost to public health. Around the world, failed septic systems have polluted ground and recreational water, creating serious safety problems. Failing septic tanks also decrease real estate values. Many communities nationwide have banned septic tanks because of their inherent problems.

Gravity sewer systems are often not feasible or too expensive for new construction projects. They can require large, deep trenches that add significantly to the expense of a project.

Above, Mike Mendelsohn, a builder in Arizona, USA, describes how he used an E/One grinder pump on a particularly tough piece of land that also came with a lot of restrictions from the municipality.

Other benefits include:

  • The freedom to sewer anywhere in any kind of terrain
  • Low initial costs make central sewers economically feasible
  • Central sewers increase the value of developmental units
  • High reliability — maintenance is minimal
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Protective of public health
  • Permits regulatory compliance
  • Installation follows the contour of the land — does not require major excavation
  • Needs only shallow trenches — increases ease and safety of installation procedures
  • Labor and material costs are much less than gravity sewer systems

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I need to maximize the value of the lots for my next project. Why would I consider E/One grinder pumps?
A: An E/One grinder pump system saves up front costs and long-term operation and maintenance costs, allowing you to create more lots in your development. Homes can be located in previously unusable locations where the terrain wouldn't allow a gravity sewer, so you won't have wasted space in the development. The system also gives you the flexibility to locate houses ar various distances from the main line pipes, restoration is quick and easy so you can vary the layout of your development, keep more trees and offer the scenic value that homeowners pay a premium for.

Q: Why can't I use a gravity system that is familiar to everyone?
A: Your development may be too rocky or hilly to install an effective gravity sewer system at a reasonable cost. Gravity systems are also prone to water infiltration, which may cause overflow conditions and release pollution into the surrounding environment. With all the difficulties in obtaining choice development ground these days, gravity is not an option in some places.

Q: Why can't I use a septic system?
A: Septic tanks use valuable real estate, and soil conditions may not support a septic system. Septic systems require routine maintenance, are costly to replace, and can contaminate ground water. Due to pollution concerns, the Environmental Protection Agency routinely limits the use of septic systems. The E/One system is a cost-effective alternative to septic systems, designed to eliminate the pollution issues that could impact the quality of life in your community.