MOD T260 Duplex Alarm Panel

Duplex Alarm Panel for Duplex Grinder Pump StationsDuplex grinder pump installations, a station with two grinder pumps, require that the pumping load is shared equally between the two pumps. Under normal conditions one pump removes the accumulated sewage from the grinder pump basin.

E/One panels are ITACS listed and meet all applicable Australia/New Zealand codes and standards. Furthermore, the panels are housed in IP 56 lockable enclosures, suitable for mounting on a wall or a post.

Standard Features

  • Corrosion-proof fiberglass enclosure
  • Hinged access panel
  • Lockable latch with padlock
  • Circuit breakers
  • Terminal blocks and ground lugs
  • Audible alarm with silence

Optional Features

  • Generator point with manual transfer switch


E/One Sentry Brochure (PDF)