Weatherby Lake

A northern suburb of Kansas City.

The community of Weatherby Lake is a northern suburb of Kansas City, set on rolling hills surrounding a 280-acre man-made lake.

The Land

A rolling hillside setting made a conventional gravity sewer system an expensive proposition.

The Problem

• Extensive lake frontage
• Rolling terrain

The Solution

• The E/One Sewer System required only 2" to 6" PVC piping buried at a depth of just 30".
• Annual service costs are less then half the engineer's original estimate.

The shallow depth allowed the trenching to be cut with a trencher, reducing labor and infrastructure labor and infrastructure costs dramatically. The average annual service costs is about $33 per house.

Weatherby Lake Today

Doubled in Size

The original 309 homes were built in 1974. Today, after more than twenty years of successful operation, the E/One Sewer System has grown to more than 600 pumps.


"We have over 600 E/One grinder pumps in service with an average of 10 new homes being added to the system each year. I would like to point out that over 300 of these pumps are over 20 years old. Our O&M costs, about $33 per pump annually, have remained very consistent and we are very pleased with the quality and reliability of the E/One grinder pumps."

—  George A. Lowman
Director of Public Works
City of Weatherby Lake