MOD 250 Simplex Alarm / Disconnect Panel

The MOD 250 Electrical Panels are custom designed for use with E/One Simplex Grinder Pumps. They are specified for installations that require an electrical separate from the residence distribution panel.

MOD Panels can be supplied with audible, visual or combination alarms. They are easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes. Standard MOD Alarm Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratories to assure high quality and safety.

Please consult factory for special applications.

Standard Features

• Corrosion-proof fiberglass enclosure
• NEMA 4X-rated enclosure
• Hinged access panel
• Lockable latch with padlock
• Circuit breakers
• Terminal blocks and ground lugs

Optional Features

• Audible alarm with silence
• Red alarm light
• Audible alarm with silence and lamp
• 120 VAC or 240 VAC Service


MOD 250 Drawings (108K PDF)

MOD 250 Drawings (self-extracting DXF)