Remote Sentry In-Home Display

The E/One Remote Sentry display module provides visual and audible indication when the water level inside the grinder pump tank reaches a predetermined "high" level during normal operation, or in the event of a power outage.

It is ideally suited for installations where the outdoor alarm panel location is obstructed from view, or where an Indoor Unit (IDU) installation is isolated in a utility room.

Standard Features

• Low-profile attractive case
• Lithium-battery operated
• Audible alarm (70 dB)
• Push-to-silence audible alarm switch
• Push-to-test visual and audible alarm

Operational Information

• 12 VDC power supply - 4 lithium cells, thermoplastic enclosure, low-profile wall mount
• Dimensions: 5.4" w x 3.69" h x 1.25" d
• A visual and audible alarm indicates a predetermined "high" level


Remote Sentry Brochure

Remote Sentry Drawing (41K PDF)

Remote Sentry Drawing (self-extracting DXF)