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Beach Drive focus sheet (PDF)
"Grinder Pumps Save Beach Property" article (PDF)
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Beach Drive in Port Orchard is an established community of 200+ homes in the Pacific northwest.

The Land

High groundwater set the stage for an E/One Sewer system.

The Problem

• High ground water
• Failing septic tanks

The community was faced with an urgent problem: septic tanks were failing, creating a serious health issue and impacting the oyster and clam beds of Puget Sound.

The Solution

The E/One Sewer System has saved critical time and cut the cost of replacing the failing septic tanks. The estimate for a gravity system was approximately $6,500,000. The E/One Sewer system is estimated at $3,000,000 - a 58% savings!

Port Orchard Today

As the project continues, it is anticipated that adjoining neighborhoods confronted by the same septic tank problems will install E/One Sewer systems.


"The Beach Drive area was declared a health hazard by the local Health District. We needed a feasible solution for 200 homes along 4.5 miles of shoreline containing a lot of rock and high water tables. We investigated several ways to do the sewers and decided on the E/One system because of the ease of installation, low cost, and its record of dependability. We have at least one other area like Beach Drive and will be using an E/One system."

- Dick Fitzwater
General Manager
Kitsap County Sewer District