Sentinel Estates, Wilder, Kentucky


Sentinel EstatesSentinel Estates focus sheet (PDF)

Sentinel Estates is a small, luxury home development with gorgeous views of the Ohio River and Cincinnati. Each home features a 1- to 5-acre lot a walkout to the woods — along with a 10- to 12-foot drop between lots. Gravity sewers would have been nearly impossible because of the hills, bedrock and requirement of several expensive lift stations.

The Land

Steep hills required that a gravity sewer be located uphill or substantially downhill from the homes. Large, deep trenches, lift stations and easements would be needed.

The Problem

• Steep terrain with 10- to 12-foot drops between lots
• Difficult-to-obtain easements would be required for a gravity sewer system, delaying the project, if allowing it at all

The Solution

• Shallow trenching lowered excavation costs and required less environmental disruption
• An E/One GP 2012 was installed at each home to pump wastewater uphill to the sewer main

Sentinel Estates Today

• Buildout of 10 homes is complete


"If it wasn't for E/One Sewer systems, we couldn't have developed Sentinel Estates. I like to call it the 'view pump.'"

— Michael Dinn, Ashley Development