Generating Solutions

E/One's focus is on generator applications -- for both hydrogen-cooled and air-cooled units -- and for over 40 years, the company has led the way in the development of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems for electric power producers.

Today, more than 3500 of our systems stand vigil worldwide. Our mission is helping generator manufacturers and plant owners/operators optimize safety, increase unit efficiency, and avoid costly disruption to operations.

E/One Utility Systems offers a range of products and services for critical gas monitoring and control, including:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Peripheral auxiliaries associated with generator cooling and seal oil systems

Our designs meet the highest international standards for safety in hazardous involving hydrogen, and business operations are maintained in accordance with our ISO9001 certification.

  • Overview — About E/One Utility Systems
  • Services — Programs and support services from E/One
  • Products
    • DHCP — Dual Hydrogen Control Panel
    • GCM-X — Generator Condition Monitor, Explosion-Proof Design
    • GCM-A 2 — Generator Condition Monitor, Air-Cooled Apparatus
    • GGA — Generator Gas Analyzer
    • PGA — Portable Gas Analyzer
    • Gas Station — Several monitoring and control systems on one skid
    • Gen-Tags — Chemicals applied to locate generator hot spots
    • GGD — Generator Gas Dryer
    • GGM — Generator Gas Manifold
    • HCC II — Hydrogen Control Cabinet II

E/One offers power plant site evaluations where we will review your plans for upcoming generator outages and where we might be able to help increase efficiency and performance of your generator monitoring and control systems.

Please contact us at 518.346.6161, or if we can assist you with your gas system, or if you have questions about existing E/One monitoring and control systems already installed with your electric power generator.

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