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Generator Auto-Degas System


Reduction in plant staffing levels is a growing concern in the industry and is placing a premium on efficient execution of all tasks and activities. Additionally, there are inherent safety risks associated with deploying personnel to perform a manual purge of the generator during emergency situations.

E/One’s Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) can be configured to include an Auto-Purge feature that automates the generator purge process. A series of actuated ball valves are integrated into the GGM piping that, when initiated by the DCS, will quickly and safely de-gas and purge the generator with either CO2 or Argon gas (whichever gas is used by the plant). Optional CO2 vaporizers (sold separately) can be provided to speed up the CO2 purging process and prevent the formation of dry ice in the pipework.

Download the Rapid Generator Auto-Purge System brochure



Measurement Characteristics
Operating Fluid Gaseous H2, CO2, Air, Argon
Generator Casing Pressure Relief Valve Set at 10-15 psig above casing pressure         
Electrical Characteristics  
Power - Input Voltage 115/230 VAC
Mechanical Characteristics  
Overall Dimensions 30" W x 79" D x 30" H (764 mm x 1995 mm x 762 mm)
Weight Approx 700 lbs. (317.5 Kg)
Manifold Assembly SS tube
Isolation Valves Fire-safe, 3-piece ball valves with stainless steel trim
Ambient Temperature Range -20 F to 125 F (-29 C to 52 C)
Maximum Pressure Varies with application
Maximum Process Gas Temperature 150 F (65 C)
H2, CO2, Air Supply Connections Standard: 1" tube socket weld. Flanges available upon request.
Gas Delivery Connections Standard: 1.5" tube socket weld. Flanges available upon request.