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Technical Reprints

Generator Auxiliary Systems, the Rest of the Story
Auxiliary system equipment is critical to ensure efficient, reliable and safe operation of the generator — but is often ignored during generator upgrades.

Outages & Elephants
Proper planning of outages is important to avoiding an elephant stampede. Energy-Tech, Aug 2006

Case Study: Generator Hot Spot Detection
The GCM-A proved effective in detecting generator hot spots at Blackstone Energy Project.
Condition Monitors Warn of Impending Failure

Though they have been used for more than 25 years and have prevented catastrophic failures, some plant managers question the ability of GCMs to provide reliable indication of generator overheating.
The Next Generation in Condition Monitoring Technology 
Dairyland Power Cooperative uses the GCM-X to ensure generators will perform safely and reliably.
The GCM and its Application to the Hydrogen-Cooled Generator 
The GCM is a sensitive real-time detector of submicron particles created by the thermal decomposition of coatings and insulation.
Condition Monitoring for Turbine Generators
GCM's can prevent major catastrophes.
The New GCM and its Application to the Protection of Turbine Generators
Continuing improvements in the Generator Condition Monitor have increased its reliability and user friendliness.
Placing a Tag on Hot Spots
To improve the effectiveness of the monitoring function, chemically and thermally stable tagging compounds have been devised that enable the specific area of overheating to be identified.
Pre-Fault Monitor for Air-Cooled Generators
Generator manufacturers and utilities have recognized the need for monitoring equipment that can be used to assess the condition of insulation in these air-cooled machines.
Utilizing Chemical Tagging Compounds to Locate Generator Hot Spots

Although overheating can be reliably detected, determining the location of the hot spot has been a difficult challenge. Chemically and thermally stable tagging compounds have been devised, enabling the specific area of overheating to be identified.