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Generator Gas Dryer (GGD II)

Water, oil, and other contaminants cause corrosion in critical areas of electric power generators, resulting in diminished efficiency and increasing the likelihood of forced outages. Increased dew point levels also detract from generator efficiency by increasing windage losses. E/One's Generator Gas Dryer (GGD II) is a dual-chamber system that continuously dries and recirculates generator cooling gas — even when the generator is on turning gear, which is a critical time to maintain low dew point.

Column regeneration is automated and takes place based on programmable inlet and outlet dew point levels. The GGD II has a secondary, programmable time-based regeneration feature, allowing you to set maximum times between regeneration (from zero to 30 days).

eone generator gas dryer

Generator Gas Dryer Features and Benefits

  • Increased generator efficiency and reduced downtime 
  • Comprehensive water and contaminant removal
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Designed for hazardous location operation
  • Self-monitored drying process
  • Standard electrical actuator
  • Compact design (29.75" w x 83" h x 38" d)

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Generator Gas Dryer Specifications

Technology Principle Molecular sieve as a drying medium
Typical Flow Rate 8-12 ACFM, Hydrogen
Typical H2 Consumption per Regeneration 90 ft3 (2 meters3) per generation for Mode 2 Regenex(TM)
Input Voltage 400/480 VAC Three Phase
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input Power 3,000 Watts
Output Relays 5A @ 250 VAC
  5A @ 30 VDC
  100 mA @ 125 VDC
  Dew Point High, NO and NC
  Trouble, NO and NC
Output Signals 4-20mA current output (self-powered)
  Input Dew Point 
  Outlet Dew Point 
Area Classification Class I, Zone 2, Group IIB + H2
Ambient Temperature  32 F to 125 F (0 to 52 C)
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Overall Dimensions 83" H x 29.75" W x 38" D
Inlet & Outlet Connections 3/4" ANSI Class 150 RF Flanges
Vent Connection 1/2" ANSI Class 150 RF Flanges


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