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E/One Grinder Pump Performance Curve


Pump Performance Curve (PDF)

Sewer System Design

Proper low pressure sewer system design requires minimizing retention time and friction losses while maintaining adequate scouring velocities. E/One's semi-positive displacement pump lends itself to complex system designs because of its nearly vertical pump curve and the resulting predictable flow. A semi-positive displacement pump provides predictable flows and tolerance of widely varying system pressures.

Total Dynamic Head (TDH) Capability

Although a low pressure sewer system has a specific design pressure, it has a tendency to fluctuate. These unpredictable increases and decreases are attributed to the randomness of the number of pumps running on a single sewer system at any given time. A grinder pump must be able to adapt to varying pressures while still providing efficient service.

E/One's semi-positive displacement pump is designed and tested to function properly at 185 feet of total dynamic head (TDH). At this design head, it produces a flow rate of 7.8 gpm. If the system pressure exceeds 185 feet TDH during actual operation, the pump will continue to function normally, but at a slightly reduced flow rate.

E/One Grinder Pump Performance Curve - Extreme Series Grinder Pumps