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Sewer Systems


About Your E/One Grinder Pump

A pressure sewer system consists of a pumping appliance installed on your property which is connected to a network of pipes from other pumping units in your area. These pipes transfer wastewater to the municipal sewer system or treatment plant that processes the wastewater. The systems installed are driven by the highly-reliable and robust E/One grinder pump.

What Does the Grinder Pump Look Like in my Yard?

The grinder pump station has a green lid that is visible. Here is how a properly installed grinder pump station should look:

Case Study: Replacing Septic Tanks with Central Sewer Service

Peralta, New Mexico, was concerned with aging and failing septic tanks and cesspools. As an agricultural area with high groundwater, the town required a central sewer system that would work with existing homes and infrastructure, including irrigation canals that wind through the town. After evaluating gravity sewer, vacuum sewer and low pressure sewer, Peralta chose a low pressure sewer system and E/One grinder pumps:

Grinder Pump Service and Repair

Under normal household use, you should not need service for several years. Visit our grinder pump service page for to find an authorized E/One grinder pump service provider.

Contact us if you have any questions.