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Air Release Station (ARS)

air releaseAir release stations are required on large sewer systems. E/One's Air Release Station (ARS) uses the same rugged HDPE tank and lid as E/One's W-Series grinder pump stations, but have an open-bottom design.

Drawings & Installation Instructions

ARS Drawings (PDF)

ARS Station, No Valve (PDF)

ARS Drawings (zipped DXF)

ARS Installation Instructions (PDF)

Download Product Specification


Stations are available in several heights to accommodate for frost depths of 2 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet. Tanks are constructed from HDPE, the same material used on E/One's D-Series and W-Series grinder pump stations. Band clamps on the station lid allow for easy height adjustments in the field.

The valve is a combination air valve for wastewater, 2" NPT and includes a drain/relief valve.


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