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Gen-Tags and Collector Analysis


Gen-Tags and E/One Collector Analysis services complement the capabilities of the GCM-X, providing even greater value and functionality.


Gen-Tags enables location of generator hotspots. These specially synthesized, chemically and thermally stable compounds are applied to critical areas of the generator so that areas of overheating can be identified during sample analysis. Gen-Tags can be applied during manufacturing of new generators or at the power plant during scheduled generator maintenance outages.

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Gen Tags sheet

Collector Analysis

E/One's Collector Analysis program further verifies a GCM-X alarm and qualifies the nature and/or source of the problem. E/One recommends that an initial collector sample be analyzed to establish a baseline for your hydrogen-cooled generator and that subsequent samples be collected every sx months to determine any deviation from the baseline.

E/One's Emergency Collector Analysis is performed within 24 hours of receipt. Contact E/One for more information.

Typical Collector Analysis Graph

E/One's Collector Analysis for generators with Gen-Tags is accomplished through chromatography. Whether E/One provides a "conventional" analysis or one specifically for Gen-Tags, E/One's analysis services provide valuable data in support of a predictive maintenance program for your generator.

Typical Gas Chromatograph Chart from Gen-Tags Collector Analysis. Gen-Tags enable the location of hotspots within an electric power generator.
Typical Gas Chromatograph Chart

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