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E/One Sentry Basic Alarm Panel for WX Grinder Pumps

E/One alarm panel for simplex explosionproof pumps


E/One Sentry basic drawings (PDF)

E/One Sentry basic drawings (Zipped DXF)


The E/One Sentry basic alarm panel is available for use with WX grinder pumps. The panels provide the latest technology and the greatest flexibility for customizing features to satisfy individual needs.

E/One Sentry panels are supplied with audible and visual high level alarms. They are easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes.

The panel features a corrosion-proof, NEMA 4X-rated, thermoplastic enclosure. A padlock is provided to prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Circuit breakers, 240 or 120 VAC service
  • Terminal blocks and ground lugs
  • Audible alarm with manual silence
  • Manual run feature and run indicator
  • Redundant start function with high-level alarm
  • Safety front — authorized personnel only when locked
  • Conformal-coated alarm board (both sides)
  • Alarm board overload protection