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Sewer Systems

Lateral Kits

E/One's UNI-LATERAL™ Stainless Steel Lateral Valve

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Lateral Kits

E/One Sewer Systems lateral kits, often called "curb stops," "boundary kits" or "check valves," feature all components commonly needed to connect an E/One grinder pump station to the sewer main. 

Available in 1.25-inch (shown above) and 2-inch sizes, UNI-LATERAL™ is an integrated unit consisting of a check valve, ball valve and cleanout all in a compact module — a first for the domestic market. The versatile design greatly reduces opportunity for leak paths — simplifying and speeding installation, while meeting all codes and regulations. UNI-LATERAL™'s advanced design effectively protects against potentially harmful backflow.

  • 1.25" or 2" full-port design
  • Designed for use with PVC (1.25" UNI-LATERAL™ only) and HDPE pressure sewer piping
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Available with or without fittings
  • Designed and tested to 235 psi service pressure

Refer to the brochure below for more information about adapter fittings

Brochure & Specification

Download E/One UNI-LATERAL™ Brochure

Download Product Specification

Drawings - Stainless Steel Valves


1.25" UNI-LATERAL™ (Zipped DXF)


2" UNI-LATERAL™ (Zipped DXF)

Drawings - Layout Drawings

Typical Indoor Installation, Showing Lateral (Drawing #LM000111, PDF)

Typical Outdoor Installation (Drawing #LM000112, PDF)

Typical Flushing Connection (Drawing #LM000113, PDF)

Typical Lateral Installation (Drawing #LM000114, PDF)

Typical Drop Connection (Drawing #LM000115, PDF)

Typical Terminal Flushing Connection (Drawing #ESD 10-0094, PDF)

Drawings (DXF) - Layout Drawings

Typical Indoor Installation, Showing Lateral (Drawing #LM000111, Zipped DXF)

Typical Outdoor Installation (Drawing #LM000112, Zipped DXF)

Typical Flushing Connection (Drawing #LM000113, Zipped DXF)

Typical Lateral Installation (Drawing #LM000114, Zipped DXF)

Typical Drop Connection (Drawing #LM000115, Zipped DXF)

Typical Terminal Flushing Connection (Drawing #ESD 10-0094, Zipped DXF)