Sewer Systems


Septic tank abatement programs? Solving problems with ageing or failing gravity sewer? Concerns about life cycle costs? With 50 years of experience and eco-innovations, E/One has designed intelligent systems that work on a truly massive scale.

Communities around the world have used E/One Sewer systems - whether they are replacing septic tanks, upgrading existing pressure sewer systems, or as an alternative to gravity sewer systems. E/One's low pressure sewer systems offers a cost-effective alternative to gravity sewer systems because, unlike gravity systems, the low pressure force mains follow the contour of the land.

Low Pressure Sewer Systems vs. Gravity Sewer Systems

Gravity sewer systems are the "original" central sewers, with origins in the Roman aqueducts. They must be accurately bedded along a continuous downward grade and often involve very deep trenches and large, costly lift stations.

Municipality that uses E/One grinder pumps

Watch how E/One discusses transforming 114 miles of Australian coastline with the ALL-TERRAIN SEWER system.

Benefits of E/One grinder pumps

  • Safe - protects water quality and enhances quality of life
  • Reduces cost of housing, both initial and ongoing
  • Does not disrupt the beauty of the landscape or damage already-built structures
  • No preventive maintenance required of homeowner
  • Central sewers increase the value of homes

Beach Drive is an area of Kitsap County, Washington, that sits on Puget Sound. When the health district needed to replace failing septic tanks, gravity sewers, low pressure sewers, and vacuum and STEP systems were evaluated. An E/One low pressure sewer system was chosen because of the dramatically lower installation and operational and maintenance costs. Visit the Case Studies section for more information about Pierce County's experience with E/One Sewer systems, including two articles that document the incredible cost savings over a gravity system.

Upgrade an Existing Grinder Pump System

If your community already has a pressure sewer system and needs to replace failing centrifugal grinder pumps, E/One has a solution. E/One's Upgrade pump was designed specifically for existing grinder pump sewer systems. The pump is engineered to fit into virtually any other wet well tank, allowing for easy drop-in installation. Visit the Product Catalog for more information.

E/One offers sewer system design assistance and software. Visit our Design Center to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns/maintains the grinder pump stations?

A: The grinder pump stations may be owned by the council/water authority (and the pressure pipe on private property), or by the homeowners individually. In the first instance, the municipality would maintain the grinder pumps, and E/One's local distributor would keep the municipality up to date on training and product changes. If the homeowners own their individual grinder pumps stations, then they would be responsible for all installation and maintenance costs.

Q: What about backups? How can we be responsible for a homeowner who may continue to use water when a pump is down, creating a backup?

A: If the grinder pump stations are owned by the municipality, it is in the homeowner's own best interest to alert the authority as soon as possible when the high level alarm is audible. Education of the homeowner is key. In the event of an alarm condition, the homeowner should minimize use of water within the home until repairs are completed.

If the homeowners will be individually responsible for their grinder pump stations, it's still a good idea to educate them at the beginning of the project about the grinder pump stations. Our Owners Guide offers a basic description of the E/One grinder pump and answers common questions.