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Sewer Systems

Grinder Pumps

W-Series | Fiberglass Grinder Pump Stations

W Series Fiberglass largeThe W-Series is E/One's most versatile grinder pump station — a range of basins, covers, discharges, inlets and panels are available. Grinder pumps pump wastewater from the home to the central sewer and/or treatment system through small-diameter pipes.

W-Series Fiberglass stations are available with one grinder pump (simplex) and up to four pumps (quadplex).

Grinder Pump Station Drawings & Installation Instructions

W-Series Fiberglass Tank Drawings (PDF, 1 mb)

W-Series Fiberglass Tank Drawings (zipped DXF, 5 mb)

Fiberglass Installation Instructions (PDF, 1.9 mb)

Extreme Series Pump Curve (PDF)

Download Product Specification

Recommended Alarm Panel

E/One recommends its E/One Sentry Protect Plus alarm panels. Different configurations are available for simplex, duplex, and quadplex stations:

Simplex stations

Duplex stations 

Quadplex stations

Additional alarm panel options are available.


E/One's grinder pump station consists of a pump inside an open wetwell tank. Stations can be configured with one, two, three, or four grinder pumps. Several tank sizes are available, depending on the number of pumps needed. Refer to the drawing files for the tank choices available with each station.

The grinder pump, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.

  • The "WH" model is the “hardwired,” or “wired,” model where a cable connects the motor controls to the level controls through watertight penetrations.
  • The "WR" model is the “radio frequency identification” (RFID), or “wireless,” model that uses wireless technology to communicate between the level controls and the motor controls.

Tanks are available to accommodate a wide range of depths. E/One requires the installation of its stainless steel UNI-LATERAL to prevent backflow from the sewer system from entering the grinder pump station.

Inlet Connections: 4" inlet grommet standard for DWV pipe. Other inlet configurations available from factory.

Discharge Connections: Pump discharge terminates in 1-1/4" NPT female thread. Can easily be adapted to 1-1/4" PVC pipe or any other material required by local codes. 

Discharge (per pump):
15 gpm at 0 psig
11 gpm at 40 psig
7.8 gpm at 80 psig

E/One Grinder Pump Operational and Electrical Information