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W-Series | WH231 ("SQUAT") Grinder Pump Station

WH231 large

Featuring the E/One Extreme grinder pump, the WH231 offers a high level of reliability and ruggedness. The lower portion of the tank has a smaller diameter, tapered down to a dish-shaped bottom. These design features reduce the retained volume and promote scouring, which will minimize odor and corrosiveness.

Drawings & Installation Instructions

WH231 Drawings (PDF, 1 mb)

WH231 Drawings (zipped DXF, 1 mb)

Extreme Series Pump Curve (PDF)

WH231 Installation Instructions (PDF, 1.5 mb)

Download Product Specification

Recommended Alarm Panel

E/One Sentry Protect Plus 

Additional alarm panel options are available.


E/One's WH231 grinder pump station consists of a pump inside an open wetwell tank. The grinder pump, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.

The tank is made of tough corrosion-resistant polyethylene. Designed specifically for low pressure sewer applications, the optimum tank capacity of 237 gallons provides ample storage. A single WH231 can accommodate flows of up to 850 gallons per day.

Standard heights range from 55 to 92 inches, ideal for warmer climates where frost is not a concern. E/One requires the installation of its stainless steel UNI-LATERAL to prevent backflow from the sewer system from entering the grinder pump station.

Inlet Connections: 4" inlet grommet standard for DWV pipe. Other inlet configurations available from factory.

Discharge Connections: Pump discharge terminates in 1-1/4" NPT female thread. Can easily be adapted to 1-1/4" PVC pipe or any other material required by local codes. 

15 gpm at 0 psig
11 gpm at 40 psig
7.8 gpm at 80 psig

E/One Grinder Pump Operational and Electrical Information