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E/One Certified Service Program

No one knows your grinder pump better than your Certified Service Center. Advantages of using a Certified Service Center include:

  • E/One-trained Certified Service Technicians — each Certified Service technician has passed an extensive examination that proves his abilities
  • Up-to-Date Information — Certified Service Centers receive the latest technical news immediately
  • Genuine E/One Parts — not all grinder pump parts are equal. Genuine E/One parts are engineered and manufactured to the highest standard, using the exact materials to provide the longest life possible for your pump.
  • Testing equipment — Certified Service Centers have the necessary equipment to ensure your repaired pump is operating optimally

What is required to become certified?

  • Annual Evaluations — technicians must pass a rigorous examination about all aspects of grinder pump service, and must be re-certified each year.
  • Level-based Certification
    Level I — field troubleshooting, site inspection, startup
    Level II — pump diagnosis, failure analysis, repair
    Level III — Certified training, the same training you receive from an E/One factory technician

Service Center

  • Population knowledge — knowing where grinder pump stations are installed leads to proper service coverage
  • Inventory — assurance that the common parts are always in stock, locally
  • Technicians — the best people working on your pump
  • Records — great records greatly help future service
  • Equipment — the right tool for the right job