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case study feature big lake skagit county washingtonBig Lake, Skagit County, Washington

Challenge: Managing a sewer district’s operation and maintenance costs while improving water quality and customer satisfaction in a seasonal locale

Serving a population that grows by 25 percent every summer, Skagit County’s Sewer District operators wanted to ensure that Big Lake’s water quality, local wildlife and vacationers’ fun were protected — without blowing out the department’s operating budget. The original pressure sewer system was designed to use centrifugal pumps, which proved to be problematic: Level sensors failed repeatedly, the rail-mounted system would freeze, and pumps required recurring service calls and replacement. O&M costs were high.


The centrifugal pumps were replaced with semi-positive displacement E/One grinder pumps, a product with the longest average mean time between service calls with zero preventive maintenance. In addition to their reliability and lower O&M costs, E/One grinder pumps are designed and purpose-built with simplicity of operation and serviceability in mind.


The centrifugal pumps were replaced with E/One grinder pumps, resulting in better reliability and lower O&M costs. All new installations use E/One Extreme grinder pumps. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, E/One grinder pumps enjoy a long service life with few problems.


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