Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) System

E/One's Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) System

E/One's focus on hydrogen-cooled generator gas monitoring and control systems begins at the point where cooling and purge gases enter the generator. Our Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) system is one of a range of standard or custom designed products.

The Manifold

From the point where hydrogen gas is received from the plant's bulk supply or bottle manifold, E/One's compact GGM monitors critical H2 and CO2 supply pressures, and regulates the hydrogen supply to the appropriate machine gas pressure. Manual isolation valves, arranged for easy end-user access, allow operators to control all facets of the purge process from a single location. A safety spool is also an integral feature of the GGM and assures that dangerous mixtures of H2 and Air are avoided.

GAS & Custom Displays

E/One's GGM system is typically incorporated into a Gas Station (although it is also available as a stand-alone system) and is combined with a standard GAS display, or a customized configuration that can include a range of annunciator points relating to both the gas and seal oil system. Local display of critical values in the hazard area, and interface with the control room DOS, are both standard features in any of E/One's GAS displays.

AUX Displays

E/One recognizes that gas, seal oil and control system retrofits often involve the replacement of annunciator panels. E/One has configured a number of these compact, intrinsically safe auxiliary (AUX) displays that can be installed in hazardous or safe areas.

Contact E/One to discuss your requirements and to learn more about this economical way to configure precisely what you need — or want — for your next generator outage.

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