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What Size Grinder Pump do I Need?

E/One manufactures a 1 hp SPD grinder pump that is available with a variety of basin sizes and one, two, three or four pumps.

Find the right grinder pump station for your project.

Design a Pressure Sewer System: Design Assistant 9 Software

Download E/One's software for hydraulic analysis of sewer system layouts that will use E/One grinder pumps. This software will not size or design an individual grinder pump station.

Download the Design Assistant software

Sewer System Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Download to compare costs of E/One's pressure sewer solution to gravity sewer, STEP systems, and vacuum sewer systems. 

This video demonstrates how to use the Life Cycle Cost Calculator.

Free Sewer System Design Analysis 

Do you have a tough sewer project? Are gravity sewer installation costs too expensive, or is gravity trenching too disruptive? An E/One pressure sewer system can save on upfront and installed costs — 50% or more vs the cost of a gravity sewer. Find out what info we need when submitting your drawing.

Send us the topo map for your sewer system project.

E/One Pressure Sewer System Connection Drawings

Typical installation and connection drawings for an E/One sewer system:

Indoor Installation, Showing Lateral (Drawing #LM000111, PDF) / 
Indoor Installation, Showing Lateral (Drawing #LM000111, Zipped DXF)

Outdoor Installation (Drawing #LM000112, PDF) /
Outdoor Installation (Drawing #LM000112, Zipped DXF)

Flushing Connection (Drawing #LM000113, PDF) /
Flushing Connection (Drawing #LM000113, Zipped DXF)

Lateral Installation (Drawing #LM000114, PDF) /
Lateral Installation (Drawing #LM000114, Zipped DXF)

Drop Connection (Drawing #LM000115, PDF) /
Drop Connection (Drawing #LM000115, Zipped DXF)

Terminal Flushing Connection (Drawing #ESD 10-0094, PDF) /
Terminal Flushing Connection (Drawing #ESD 10-0094, Zipped DXF)

E/One Low Pressure Sewer System Design Manual

E/One's Sewer System Design Manual provides an overview of where to use pressure sewers, factors to consider when designing a pressure sewer system, station sizing, system layout, and zone designation.


LPS Design Manual (PDF)