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E/One Sentry Alarm Panel — Protect Package

alarms protect package

The E/One Sentry line of alarm panels is custom designed for use with E/One grinder pumps. The panels provide the latest technology and the greatest flexibility for customizing features to satisfy individual needs.

E/One Sentry panels are supplied with audible and visual high level alarms. They are easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes. Standard panels are approved by UL, CSA, CE and NSF to ensure high quality and safety.

The panel features a corrosion-proof, NEMA 4X-rated, thermoplastic enclosure. A padlock is provided to prevent unauthorized entry (dead front).

Several option packages for the E/One Sentry panel are available — Basic, Protect, and Protect Plus.

"Protect" Option Package

The Protect Package includes all of the features of the Basic configuration, including circuit breakers, 240 or 120 VAC service, terminal blocks and ground lugs, audible alarm with manual silence, manual run feature and run indicator, redundant "Start" function with high level alarm, safety front, conformal-coated board, overload protection, as well as:

  • Trouble indication shuts down the pump temporarily in the event of an unacceptable operating condition, including: brownout conditions with the electrical power supply; system over-pressure condition such as with a closed valve; run-dry operation of the pump
  • Inner cover (dead front)
  • Contact group — dry, powered and Remote Sentry

Additional Options

Drawings, Manuals & Brochure

E/One Sentry brochure (PDF)

E/One Sentry drawings, Protect Package (PDF)

E/One Sentry drawings, Protect Package (Zipped DXF)


NA0269P01 - Installation & Operation Manual for Simplex Hardwired Pumps (PDF)*

NA0269P11 - Installation & Operation Manual for Simplex Wireless Pumps (PDF)*

* Note: This manual applies to panels configured with printed circuit board assembly P/N NB0189Gxx, with an approximate manufacture date of 03/2012 or later.  If unsure of the configuration of your panel, contact E/One factory for assistance.

Video: Changing the Modem in an E/One Sentry Alarm Panel

Jim Welsh from E/One Field Service explains how to change the modem in an E/One Sentry Alarm Panel