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Programs & Support Services for Electric Power Generators

E/One Utility Systems provides power generator application engineering and aftersale service and support of its generator monitoring and control systems. E/One's services and programs help enhance the value of the equipment you have purchased, and supports increased efficiency, safety, and reductions in generator downtime.

Contact E/One for product questions and support.

Power Plant Site Evaluation

We'll help you determine the current status of your generator condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems and recommend where further enhancements can be made. During these evaluations, we'll consider hazardous area requirements and provide options for you to maximize compliance with relevant standards, including advice on insurance risk reduction.

Application Engineering and Technical Support

E/One can provide application support to power plant personnel both before and after shipment. Contact us regarding engineering services that supplement your organization's own capabilities.

Training, System Start-up, and Commissioning

One of our greatest priorities is helping assure that site personnel are properly trained and confident in E/One system principles of operation, installation, maintenance requirements, and troubleshooting. We'll provide field training or factory training — whichever works best for your organization.

When you've invested in E/One, we're available for system start-up and commissioning, which is an excellent opportunity for training of site personnel.

Upgrades and Hazardous Area Requirements

Evolving hazardous area requirements (such as ATEX) can mandate the upgrade of existing monitoring equipment to current standards. E/One Utility Systems can bring older designs up to current requirements, or provide credits for plants preferring to replace older equipment with new state-of-the-art configurations.

Upgrades are not limited to E/One supplied systems. We service and upgrade core monitors supplied by generator OEM's and we can retrofit gas purity systems provided by other suppliers.

Repairs, Retrofits, and Field Service

Compressed generator outage schedules can prevent you from sending critical auxiliary equipment back to E/One for evaluation, test, calibration, and repairs. Our technicians can visit your site to expedite work and maximize the availability of on-line monitoring. We can also deliver targeted retrofit packages for your critical gas system auxiliaries, which gives you the benefit of leveraging maintenance rather than capital budgets.

E/One Utility Systems also offers long-term programs for regular visits by our service technicians. Scheduled maintenance requirements and system "check-ups" can take place at your site, and we'll perform diagnostic testing of our systems as well.

Analytical Services

Includes Collector Analysis for Generator Condition Monitors (GCMs, GCM-Xs, and Core Monitors); Gen-Tags analysis for generators with tagging compounds applied; and Dissolved Gas Analysis for transformer oil.

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