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Alarm Panels

MOD T260 Duplex Alternating Alarm Panel

alarm T260 panelThe MOD T260 Duplex Alternating Alarm Panel is custom designed for use with E/One duplex grinder pump stations.

The duplex grinder pump stations, which have two grinder pumps, require that the pumping load is shared equally between the two pumps. Under normal conditions one pump removes the accumulated sewage from the grinder pump basin.

After 24 hours, the MOD T260 Alternating Panel toggles the electrical supply power to the pump that was idle. If the sewage level reaches the alarm level, the two grinder pumps will operate simultaneously for 3 to 4 minutes. If after that time the sewage is not below the alarm level, the alarm circuit is engaged.

The MOD T260 Alternating Panel is supplied with audible and visual high water level alarms. The panel is easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes.

The MOD T260 Panel is listed by Underwriters Laboratories to ensure high quality and safety.

Standard Features

  • Corrosion-proof polymeric enclosure
  • NEMA 4X rated enclosure
  • Lockable latch with padlock
  • Circuit breakers
  • Terminal blocks & ground lugs
  • Dry Contacts
  • Lead/Lag indicator lights
  • Alarm indicator lights
  • Run indicator lights
  • Manual Push-to-Run

Optional Features

  • Hour Meters (with larger enclosure)
  • E/One Remote Sentry ready (with power loss capability)
  • Dead front
  • Generator receptacle with auto transfer
  • GFCI receptacle
  • Auto dialer
  • E/One Sentry Advisor

Drawings & Brochure

T260 Alternating Panel Drawings (PDF)

T260 Alternating Panel Drawings (Zipped DXF)

T260 Alternating Panel Information Sheet (PDF)

Video: Changing the Modem in an E/One Sentry Alarm Panel

Jim Welsh from E/One Field Service explains how to change the modem in an E/One Sentry Alarm Panel