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Dual Hydrogen Control Panel (DHCP)


Environment One's Dual Hydrogen Control Panel (DHCP) was designed specifically for monitoring scavenging seal oil generators. The DHCP contains two independent analyzers that monitor the turbine-end seal drain enlargement, collector-end seal oil drain enlargement with both valving for manual or DCS operation for checking casing purity of the generator.

The DHCP has the ability to automatically increase the amount of hydrogen gas scoured from the generator.

The DHCP works with GE's Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VI control systems.

DHCP Features and Benefits

  • Automatically increase the amount of hydrogen gas scoured from the generator
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Digital displays/warnings/alarms


Download the DHCP brochure


DHCP Specifications

Input Voltage 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
(see nameplate) 220 VAC 50/60 Hz (optional)
Ambient Temperature 32 F to 158 F (0 C to 70 C)
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Ambient Location Class 1, Division 1, Group B
Gas Analyzer Sensing Unit Switchable — Triple Range
  (70% to 100% H2 in Air)
  (0% to 100% H2 in CO2)
  (0% to 100% Air in CO2)
Resolution +/- 0.1%
Accuracy +/- 0.5% F.S. on H2 in Air
  +/- 1.0% F.S. on H2 or Air in CO2
Linearity +/- 1.0% F.S.
Drift <0.2% / month
Outputs 4-20 mA current output
Alarm Levels Alarm and Warning levels are adjustable
Relay Contact Rating 30V/1A DC 120V/0.5AAC
  125V/0.005A (Resistive) DC
Data Retention Lithium battery supported RAM, 10 years minimum
Indicators AC Power, Trouble, Normal (H2 in Air), Purge (H2 in CO2), Purge (Air in CO2), Calibrate H2, Calibrate CO2, Calibrate N2, one 3-character LED numeric display, one 16-character LCD display
Weight 475 lbs (standard) / 1100 lbs (NEMA 3R)
Dimensions 17" d x 64 3/4" h x 36" w (standard)
  27.5" d x 72" h x 42" w (NEMA 3R)