Sewer Systems

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What is a Pressure Sewer System?

Gravity sewer systems are often the default choice for wastewater disposal. However, they are not always the best option because of terrain, soil type, or environment (proximity to lakes, rivers). Sometimes they are too disruptive to the land or too expensive to install. ALL-TERRAIN SEWER from E/One offers engineers, land developers and municipalties a viable option for solving wastewater problems -- often with dramatic cost savings.

While used for decades around the world, pressure sewer is often considered a new or unproven idea. Here, E/One presents article reprints about this proven sewering solution. In this section:

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Advantages of Pressure Sewer Systems

  • Pumps & Pressure Sewer Systems — Pressure sewer systems for commercial applications Water & Wastes Digest, April 2020
  • Incorporating HDD to Sewer Faster, Smarter, Cheaper — Horizontal direct drilling can be used to sewer more efficiently in tough terrain for new sewer applications and in septic-to-sewer conversions Trenchless Technology, December 2019
  • The Secret Life of Pressure Sewer Systems — The paper includes background of pressure sewer technology, applications that are commonplace with some example case studies, along with several little known applications that are presently "secrets" to the average practitioner. Small Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Conference
  • Pressure Sewer Systems Help Solve Challenges — Central sewers have become the solution to pollution issues for outlying communities, but the high cost of gravity systems is often prohibitive WaterWorld
  • Proven Alternative for Small Community Sewage Disposal Challenge — Pressure sewers have been shown to offer a viable solution to some very difficult small community sewering problems. On-Site Wastewater Treatment Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems
  • A Mathematical Model for Estimating Sewer System Costs (DOC) — An easily applied spreadsheet model for estimating construction costs of sanitary sewers has been developed. The model is useful in comparing design approaches, including gravity and pressure alternatives. New England Water Environment Association Annual Conference
  • Pressure Sewer Systems: The Economic Advantage (DOC) — Numerous low-pressure sewer (LPS) systems using semi-positive displacement grinder pumps have now been in operation for periods up to two decades. Economic advantages of pressure sewers in a wide variety of appropriate circumstances such as hilly, rocky and flat terrain were recognized decades ago. Hawaii Water Environment Association 19th Annual Conference

Grinder Pump Selection: Choosing the Right Pump for the Application

Solving Sewering Challenges: When Gravity Sewer Systems are not Feasible

Case Studies: Pressure Sewers Around the World